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Gallery Folders

FA: Alduin vs Urthemiel + (with Speedpaint) by ShizukaTW
Serene Fantasy by Platyadmirer
Commission: The Guardian by Kaarhai
Xiang: The Wise by RenePolumorfous
Traditional Art Dragons
Bearded Dragon Dragon by Dragon--Feathers
angelfish by axeburgion
OC Sketch - Halgen by Teradiam
Green Tea And Gold by Soulioxity
Digital Art Dragons
The River Spirit by Galidor-Dragon
Staring at the End by Anatthema
Dragon Blue by SamuraiDragon
Delia by glitchyberry
Mixed Art Dragons
DICK GAYLORD by ZugZwang853
dragon alter 49 by nsmith52
dragon alter 51 by nsmith52
The last hope- Teaser by ritam
Dragon Comics
The Evil Within: Chapter 2 Page 14 by xX-Starduster-Xx
Heroes Of Alpha! Title Page! by xXDrakoFlareXx
The Evil Within: Chapter 2 Page 13 by xX-Starduster-Xx
Chronicles Pg51~ by Libertades
Sculpts and Crafts
Almost ready for CFZ 2018! by LadyNightLight
The Dragon Master (Crystal Wand) by Daughter-of-sekhmet
WIP MK2 Dragonscale armor / costume 70-80% by BlackMetalDragon
Peep Dragon by DragonCid
Dragon Literature
Free Lineart Submissions
Colouring In Page - Easter dragon by BeksSketches
RainWing Head Avatar Base by IceOfWaterflock
Dragon Art : : Raze by Vivi-Ice-Wolfie
#inkoctober 1 - #swift by ElenaZambelli
Dragon Sketches
Hydra Dragon by Sonic199106
Zerion by Isuldras
White dragoness of pure elegance: Trinity by TekkenStreetFighter
Angalithar by ItsDraconix by Shadow-Dragon-777
OLD Traditional Art Dragons
Golden one by Kyuush
OLD Digital Art Dragons 3
teal dragon by Arcamira
OLD Digital Art Dragons 2
Key by kmp0511
OLD Digital Art Dragons
Na'Java by Kiruel


:star: Contest Information :star:

added 2 member commissions, 1 member contest and 1 affiliate group contest

Any group affiliated with us and all our group members can submit their contests, projects and commissions to our group FAVOURITES. Simply open your journal entry in question and click "Submit to a Group" button. Then click "Suggest to Group Favourites" on top right and select our group. Finally, select the relevant folder, one of three:




As with gallery submissions, you just need to wait until the suggested favourite has been approved. Please submit the relevant journal entries to the correct folder and do not submit other people's journal entries, only your own.


ADDED 2018:

Ultimate Character Art Contest 2018 EditionUPDATE: EXTENDED TO THE END OF JUNE!
I'm having issues with my car and it's going to take two months before I can afford to get the stupid thing fixed. Which means... I'm going to have to open emergency commissions. :/ I'm thinking it's the struts. The left back tire is burning and there's scraping going on.
Contest Information:

Greetings, Folks! For the contest of 2018, I'm doing something different. A contestant from last year requested a halloween/horror/ dark art theme and I heavily agreed. I adore dark art and the more creative it is, the better. The story where most of the characters are from is very dark and depressing, so I'd like to have this year's entries reflect on it. So, I settled with the dark art theme. I may also include other characters into the list below over time. You are encouraged to ask questions about them to help guide you in your creative progress. :)
Contest Entries From Last Year: https://bipolarnonsense.devian
Commission PricelistExamples:

See Prices below
Colored Commissions per Character:
-   starting at 20€ (add Character  5-20€):

-  starting at 40€ (add Character  5-25€):

With simple BG 
-   starting at 70€ (add Character  5-30€):

-   starting at 90€ (add Character  10-40€):

Prices vary depending on complexity. Tell me your idea and I'll tell you the price. Conditions are below.
You decide whether you'd like cell shaded or painted.
What I do:
-pretty much everything, from fantasy to scifi
-artistic nudity and fighting etc. is okay (might get a mature warning though)
Here's what I wont do:
-everything sexual/gore/excessive violenc

ADDED up to 2017:

INKTOBER CONTEST! Deadline today!//edit//
Deadline is tomorrow so be sure to upload your works into our contest folder! :D After that there's one week for judging and you still can upload late entries, but I do suggest to upload them asap. Entries uploaded day before we announce winners might not have very good chances anymore. ;)
Entries added. Please check your entries they're the correct ones and in case you've misplaced submissions!
Hello Creative-Fantasy's members! We have some great news, concerning something that hasn't happened in our group in a long time. Something we've tried to arrange for quite some time and now finally, we've come up with something... :eager:
:star::star::star:Contest time!:star::star::star:
We decided to hold a smaller sized contest for the starters as it's been long since our last one and right now our(the admins') time is bit limited. So this will be a short, easy and fun contest! :D
Theme: Fantasy inktober
Deadline: 31st of October 201
Point commission info +digital only+

Commission status: Open

Are you looking to commission artwork that ranges from cute animals to badass fantasy creatures? From super adorable animated pixel journal dolls to awesome fully coloured and shaded anthro art at a fair price you can't knock? If so, I'm your artist!
Before you read any further, I want to make it clear that as the artist I still retain all rights to the art I'm paid to draw and I can use it in any way I see fit, this may include promoting my services or selling prints etc. in the future. I also have the right to cancel a commission at any time and refuse my services to anyone I don't wish to work with.
Fill in the form provided below and send it to me in a NOTE, please do not post it as a comment on my profile. Notes are easier for me to keep track of and don't get lost in my inbox. This order form acts as a written contract/agreement so if you don't fill it o
Raffle ! (CLOSED) + WINNERSEDIT : Go see the winners at the end of this journal ;P
EDIT : So now it's closed I'm gonna be back as soon as I can with the winners ;P Thanks to all to the participants ^-^
Hi everyone ^-^ 
So yes a raffle for you all ;P so because we got some numbers like I post in another journal we got some prizes ^-^ So follow the rules and at the end of October I will run a site so it got a number and the person on that number win ^-^ the first out got the first, the second, second price and third the third one ^-^ you have nothing to do to win those things but if you want to share this journal you can ;P if you are interest I will do more often some raffle so participate please to have more next time ^-^
Prizes :
1. full body color
2. half body color
3. Head color
Rules :
1. Post a comment what ever you want here.
2. Wait to see the winners ;P
On that good luck and see you next draw ^.^/
Jewelry Commissions - New    

Please read the entire journal before asking for a commission.
 Commissions are first come, first serve unless all of the materials for a later commission happen to arrive first.

emerald-green heart bullet Payment & Prices emerald-green heart bullet

Payment is done in advance through Etsy. No refunds unless I cannot complete the piece. 
Interfector's Army contest!Hi everyone!
If you haven't already, check out the contest in :iconinterfectors-army: 
Click here for the contest!
You need to be a member and have a character in the army to enter, but it'll be worth it!
The prizes are great, the winner will get:
Shaded fullbody by :iconRevenantecho:
Shaded fullbody by :iconmirakuria:
Full body with shading and a pixel by :iconiownfish:
Shaded fullbody by :iconInterfectorfactory:
Portrait by :iconbleskobleska-yandere::
and then there's a second and third prize too!
So what are you waiting for? 
Make sure to share this journal too so more people can enter!
- IF
Commissions [OPEN] by InterfectorFactory Commissions Info (OPEN) :D

Sketch commissions [OPEN]
The cheapest option :)

Can be bought with the simple background for 4$ extra
Regular commission types [OPEN]

Bullet; Green Simple headshots: 1400 Points or 14$

Extra character = 5$/500 :points: each
Bullet; Green Detailed Headshot: 2000 Points or 20$

Extra character = 8$/800 :points: each

Example of simple headshots:     
Examples of detailed headshots: 


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 4, 2017, 4:44 AM


These are 8 newest featured deviations from the current submission period.
:star: Congratulations to the featured artists! :star:

FA: Alduin vs Urthemiel + (with Speedpaint) by ShizukaTW Serene Fantasy by Platyadmirer Commission: The Guardian by Kaarhai Xiang: The Wise by RenePolumorfous Corax Skydancer fanart from Flightrising by kessan Ysera the Emerald Queen by Neronai

Be sure to check out the rest in the group Gallery!


These are the runner-up deviations which were also under consideration to be featured.
Artists featured before are not included in the runner-ups listing.

Urbolious Turntable by Eden-West Commission: Universe On Fire [SPEEDPAINT] by ShadeofShinon Candle Guardian by blacksapphiredragon Dragon bag by aarre-pupu Warcraft Themed Fierce Princes by DragonCid Ashs-Dragon-Nest [Comm] by Zevanox Dark-boned abyssal dragon by Behane Dragon by germesia

Group Submission Update

This is the (bi)-weekly update of the newest gallery submissions. You can view all the deviations submitted to the group Gallery. Sometimes delays are possible and two weeks or more might get merged together under those circumstances.

Generally, the group admin reviews all deviations that were submitted to the Main Gallery during the last submission period, either weekly or bi-weekly. The 8 best deviations are chosen as featured alongside the runner-ups. :D

To be fair, each artist can be featured only once per year.

This doesn't mean these deviations are the best our group has to offer, these were just chosen as the best for this particular period. There are many other deviations to enjoy, so be sure to check out our whole group Gallery.



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Hey, its pointed out here

Bullet; Blue We do not accept any MATURE CONTENT and this is the only rule we are very strict with. This also includes images that may not have mature content filter, but still contain violence, blood, gore, sexual themes of any kind, or any other kind of mature content we are not comfortable submitting to our gallery.

you can find this in the club rules
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